London Newborn & Family Photographer: Why Hiring An Experienced Newborn Photographer is important?

I was having a very rare Saturday sleep-in (yay!) and though I could write an email that could possibly help you find your perfect newborn photographer. Choosing one can obviously be daunting as a newborn photography session is very intimate and a special time and for many first-time-parents to-be something totally new as well.

During a photo session, your newborn baby will be handled by a photographer most of the time and it is important that the photographer is an experienced newborn photographer because they will be posing and soothing your newborn baby.
I am sure, because I am a mum too, that you would rather rest assured you are hiring someone who is experienced and trained in baby posing safety?

So, you know you want to hire a newborn photographer to memorize your baby when they are super tiny and fresh. So, the first point in doing your research is Google (which is amazing in so many ways!!!). But, then you realize there are so many newborn photographers in London that you only become confused and you honestly do not know who to choose? You don’t know what to look for! What your search must be based on? Who is the best one? Who has the most props? Who is the closest one? This list can go on and on….

Personally, I think the most important thing to look for when thinking about hiring a newborn photographer is to check if they are experienced photographing newborns, do their images look immaculately and comfortably posed and do they advocate safe posing and/or composite images?

Composite photograph

After so many conversations with my clients I have come to realize that many don’t understand that being a newborn photographer is not just about photography itself.

It is, here mainly, about handling a little life in hands, soothing and posing a very new baby, recognizing their needs…  Some of the fancy poses seen online (that so many parents love) require from a photographer experience, training and understanding. Newborn photographer understands spotting, composites, newborn startle reflexes, poor circulation and those little cues babies give ( I, sometimes, am able to spot that little moment when baby is about to ‘smile’ for few seconds).

You may off course want to hire a photographer who is looking to build their portfolio, who has cheaper prices, and that is fair enough. There is no place for judgment here. But, maybe it is good know/ or check if that is the case, that some of them may not have the education and training related to newborn photography. I have seen many times (online) babies being forced into doing a pose they aren’t comfortable with only because the parents wanted the ‘ideal posed baby’ or a photographer needed a photograph like this for their portfolio? Photographer did not probably have the heart to say they don’t know how to safely do it and in other instance – lack of their knowledge pushed for posing a baby that way (that is a big NO!). Of course, everyone starts somewhere but starting with workshops and training is the best place to start working as a newborn photographer.

Lastly, it is also a good idea to check if portfolio of a photographer you are considering to hire is within your taste. After all IT IS YOUR PERSONAL TASTE that matters too; whether you would like an album filled with more simplistic photographs or with use of many props. Those portraits will be a lifetime treasure for you and your family.

I’ve been running my own newborn photography business for over 6 years now. Newborn photography is what I can honestly say – is my passion and when I first started I took many training newborn photography workshops with some of the best newborn photographers in United Kingdom and Poland. Since then, I have worked very hard to be great in my craft and I love my clients  walking out of my doors – with a smile!

Wishing you a great day,

Monika – Lavender Hill Photography


“A photograph keeps a moment from running away

– Eurora Welty

People think print is dead in today’s day. Print is not dead at all. This is such a special thing…

I mean, digitals are cool too!

But, are you going to sit down and look at your images on your computer all the time? The answer is simple: You really are NOT going to!

So, what you really want is make sure you have something that is going to be there -live forever. Not only for you to enjoy, but also something to pass on to your children and even further down the line – just like the ALBUM (more about albums here). Digitals should not be just on a computer, or a phone, where they just simply die over time.

I am a huge advocate for prints as I believe photographs should be experienced, should be looked at, should be touched, should be hung on walls and enjoyed every day. …to have that emotional feel of the day you are drawn at, every time you look at those photographs.

Old wedding albums, framed family photographs and rusty tins full of loose prints – that is how we remember viewing photographs with our friends and family.Prints tell stories.

Looking at photographs in their physical form allows you to slow down and enjoy the memories associated with them on their own and without the distractions of notifications and adverts popping up while you view them.

With so many digital storage options at your client’s fingertips, it is important to remember one thing – technology comes and goes. Would you have the same nostalgic feeling if all you had to view your parents wedding images on a floppy disk? Would you even be able to use it?

My gorgeous looking client Toni with her mum: LEFT photo from her Maternity Session and RIGHT: at print collection day in my home studio.

I really love when my clients invest in prints and wall art. I only use professional photography printing lab that produces high quality products that can be enjoyed for years and generations. You can print photos from your Newborn Photo Session, Maternity Session, Portrait session or even a Branding session during which we create beautiful portraits of you and your family.

Wall products look fantastic in living rooms, bedrooms or even hallways. Albums can be very handy whenever you want to remind yourself about that particular day. All comes in variety of sizes and finishes. Check out my PRINT SHOP and see what suits your needs.

Akpinar and her newly extended family during her photo session LEFT, and at a Print Collection day, London
Wall Art Frame
I took this video with my phone hence I got low quality video (oopsss) says “prints tell stories. Looking at photographs in their physical form allows you to slow down and enjoy the memories associated with them on their own and without the distractions of notifications and adverts popping up while you view them.

With so many digital storage options at your client’s fingertips, it is important to remember one thing – technology comes and goes. Would you have the same nostalgic feeling if all you had to view your parents wedding images on a floppy disk? Would you even be able to use it?

As technology evolves, chances are that the method of storing images, like USB storage keys, are going to go the way of the floppy disc within the next decade. When was the last time you saw a computer with a working floppy disk drive? Will home computers still have USB drives in ten years?”

I hope this post will convince you, my lovely client,s that it is worth investing in prints, albums and wall art products. You photo session experience should not end only on receiving photographs in digital form.


NEWBORN PHOTO SHOOT- what it is and what to expect?

Have you ever wondered how photographers capture photos like these of the tiniest of babies? Keep reading, I will tell you all 🙂 

Capturing babies in their first few weeks of entering this world is incredible. Images document their tiny features and their amazing flexibility, that enabled them to be curled up and grow inside their mother’s womb.  A newborn photo shoot creates a lasting memory to look back on. Photos that document your new baby’s features before they start to develop and change.

Thinking about a newborn photo shoot can be daunting……….which photographer?  When does the shoot take place? What will happen at the session?


Questions that you need answered. 

When to book?

Booking a newborn shoot is recommended soon after your 20 week scan, sooner if you wish.  The reason for this is because I only book a limited number of newborn sessions per month.  This allows me to focus and provide a premium service. Nothing is compromised or rushed because my workload is stretched.  Having a limited number of sessions per month allows the flexibility of moving sessions, should a baby arrive early or late. The upmost care is dedicated to you and your new born baby.

Of course, being pregnant is a big deal, you have so much going on around in your head, I know, I have been there!  The idea of having precious images of your newborn is exciting, but looking into and booking a newborn photographer won’t be on the top of your list.   I will always do my best to fit a customer in should they contact me after their baby has arrived.

When does the photo shoot happen?

Newborn photography sessions ideally take place within the first two weeks of birth.  It is possible to get those curled up sleepy images up to 21 days old, but it does depend on the baby. 
However gorgeous images will still be captured.  By booking your session in before your baby arrives enable us to provisionally book in a date within 14 days of your due date. This means that you are booked into my diary and my time has been allocated to you.  

I will send you an e-mail before your baby arrives. I will advise how to prepare for the session and all the important information you need.  Once your baby has come into the world you contact me and we confirm or rearrange the photo shoot.

Parents / Family  photos

I am a big fan of parents photos. As a matter of fact, I spend half of the time taking family photos! I believe this is one time when you can actually have professional portraits taken with your baby being so tiny it fits in your hand. Just look at the examples above!

newborn-photographer- london, newborn-photo-session- london, newborn-photographer-east-london, newborn-photographer-north-london, newborn-photo-session, baby-photography, newborns, lifestyle-photo-session, white, blue, family-photography, family-portrait-london, organic, lavender-hill-photography, studio-photography-session, north-london, east-london

Beanbag posing and Prop photos

 Sometimes a baby is sound asleep so we begin with the first pose. Should a baby be alert and decided sleeping isn’t for them at that time then I adapt my routine and wrap them.  Images of a wrapped baby when they are awake are adorable. You get their beautiful big eyes without their flying around arms. Wrapping is a great way to relax an unsettled baby and they often drift off to sleep. Once the beanbag poses are finished we move on to the props.  Your baby will be snug and safe and look adorable. 

To book your session simply message me through the CONTACT form or to .  You can also go to my online store and 


I only book 10-12 newborn photo sessions each month, therefore I always advise on having your booking done early. Once your booking is finalized your due date is in my calendar and once the baby is born you photo shoot’s date is prioritized.

I have been doing Mini Newborn sessions for at least three years now and they bring a lot of interest.  With that I get asked many questions too.


My offer of WRAP-UP COLLECTIONS are very popular choice for clients visiting my home-studio. They include an option of either focusing on a baby solely, or parents and the baby. They are time and budget friendly too.

So, what are the specifics?

  • They last maximum 45 min
  • If baby is awake, we will use wraps to help baby to settle
  • Photographing the baby whether is awake or asleep
  • Maximizing session to get nice baby portraits. If time allows doing one creative portrait involving a prop set up. (a basket for example)
  • Guidelines provided of what to bring/wear 

Examples of newborn baby poses possible during Mini session.

Here is a selection of some simple poses I do during mini sessions. You have to bare in mind that since we have very limited amount of time, not always babies do sleep. Normally newborn mini sessions would be done with awake little ones. That is why you see here mostly awake newborn photos. Pretty much all of these newborn poses are possible with awake or asleep baby. It all depends how settled babies are.




These are just examples of what can be achieved in most cases. We need to remember that babies are just babies and sometimes they can be unsettled, or cry a lot. It is then your choice whether to continue the session and getting photos of a crying baby or not. In my opinion, images of crying babies are as precious as of those sleeping. The moment is caught – that what is important!

if you are looking to CAPTURE THE MOMENTS YOU LOVE there is no better way than to decide on hiring  A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER.

Newborn sessions are held in my small home studio in Walthamstow and are starting early in the morning. From my experience , I know this is the best time of the day as newborns get more tired and sensitive as the day goes by.

Once you arrive here, I will take over your baby and start the session. It’s quite good and important to do the shooting in early days of baby’s life to achieve those cute curly positions. With that being said, the best time is between 4th and 10th day of baby’s life. Although, you must know and be assured that I NEVER force a baby into ANY position but, again, newborn babies grow quickly and become less sleepy and less flexible with every day and with every day it becomes more difficult to achieve certain positions. I photograph newborn babies until they are 12 weeks old.

To book a session I require non- refundable session fee of £50.

Also, important thing,  I only take 10-12 newborn bookings each month in order to stay flexible for my clients ( babies are rarely born on their due date).

To pay a deposit, please go to my on-line shop and select your due date from a drop-down menu

Mini session PHOTO COLLECTIONS are priced at £350 and include PRINTED PHOTO PRODUCTS.