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Professional Newborn Photographer – is it important to hire a specialist in that field?

professional newborn photographer
London Newborn & Family Photographer: Why Hiring An Experienced Newborn Photographer is important?

I was having a very rare Saturday sleep-in (yay!) and though I could write an email that could possibly help you find your perfect newborn photographer. Choosing one can obviously be daunting as a newborn photography session is very intimate and a special time and for many first-time-parents to-be something totally new as well.

During a photo session, your newborn baby will be handled by a photographer most of the time and it is important that the photographer is an experienced newborn photographer because they will be posing and soothing your newborn baby.
I am sure, because I am a mum too, that you would rather rest assured you are hiring someone who is experienced and trained in baby posing safety?

So, you know you want to hire a newborn photographer to memorize your baby when they are super tiny and fresh. So, the first point in doing your research is Google (which is amazing in so many ways!!!). But, then you realize there are so many newborn photographers in London that you only become confused and you honestly do not know who to choose? You don’t know what to look for! What your search must be based on? Who is the best one? Who has the most props? Who is the closest one? This list can go on and on….

Personally, I think the most important thing to look for when thinking about hiring a newborn photographer is to check if they are experienced photographing newborns, do their images look immaculately and comfortably posed and do they advocate safe posing and/or composite images?

Composite photograph

After so many conversations with my clients I have come to realize that many don’t understand that being a newborn photographer is not just about photography itself.

It is, here mainly, about handling a little life in hands, soothing and posing a very new baby, recognizing their needs…  Some of the fancy poses seen online (that so many parents love) require from a photographer experience, training and understanding. Newborn photographer understands spotting, composites, newborn startle reflexes, poor circulation and those little cues babies give ( I, sometimes, am able to spot that little moment when baby is about to ‘smile’ for few seconds).

You may off course want to hire a photographer who is looking to build their portfolio, who has cheaper prices, and that is fair enough. There is no place for judgment here. But, maybe it is good know/ or check if that is the case, that some of them may not have the education and training related to newborn photography. I have seen many times (online) babies being forced into doing a pose they aren’t comfortable with only because the parents wanted the ‘ideal posed baby’ or a photographer needed a photograph like this for their portfolio? Photographer did not probably have the heart to say they don’t know how to safely do it and in other instance – lack of their knowledge pushed for posing a baby that way (that is a big NO!). Of course, everyone starts somewhere but starting with workshops and training is the best place to start working as a newborn photographer.

Lastly, it is also a good idea to check if portfolio of a photographer you are considering to hire is within your taste. After all IT IS YOUR PERSONAL TASTE that matters too; whether you would like an album filled with more simplistic photographs or with use of many props. Those portraits will be a lifetime treasure for you and your family.

I’ve been running my own professional newborn baby photographer business for over 6 years now. Newborn photography is what I can honestly say – is my passion and when I first started I took many training newborn photography workshops with some of the best newborn photographers in United Kingdom and Poland. Since then, I have worked very hard to be great in my craft and I love my clients  walking out of my doors – with a smile!

Wishing you a great day,

Monika – Lavender Hill Photography


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