PHOTO ALBUM –  a photo product that can be passed from generation to generation!

The photo shoot isn’t just for your little one. I encourage everyone to get in the shot. Mom, Dad, brother, sister. This moment won’t last and these shots are timeless. More to that, having a beautiful photo product, like album or canvas, or framed print is an amazing final touch as you not only get yourself digital files (that , let’s be honest, will only be saved on your PC or phone and will will never get that photos printed! You will want to, that is for sure! But, as life comes in the way- you will forget about it day by day… 😉 )

After a new year I introduced professionally printed PREMIUM ALBUMS and FRAMED CANVASES in to my offer. They cost £265 for 8″x8″ size, BUT for those clients deciding to get GRANDE PHOTO COLLECTION (20 photographs), they only cost £155!!!! No better deal for such quality and long-lasting product which you can physically touch and show to your family and friends.

Here, this is how the album presents itself  – I also made a short video (it can be found below). I simply love album’s thick pages and the colors totally match the digital files that I deliver to all my lovely clients!

Let me know if you like the product or would like to book a session (I will drop direct link to my on-line booking system down below the video).

Hugs, Monika

Here is a short video ( forgive my white paint – stained – hands 😀  I was repainting studio walls that day hah!) 

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