What better way to celebrate your baby’s birthday than smashing a big cake!

Your child turning ONE?! The first birthday is one of the biggest milestones. Celebrating it with a cake smash photography session is the perfect sentiment. Let a photographer, at Lavender Hill Photography, capture those adorable moments as your child has fun with his/her personalized first birthday session. We will put together the best 1st birthday memories &  cake smash photos you’ll cherish forever! Schedule your  cake smash photography session! 

Your Cake Smash is tailored to your baby’s favorite things so you can have it decorated to match their bedroom and everything they love. Or, you can keep it very simple and organic like in the photo above)

We have lots of fun during these sessions. A few images of your little one will be taken before the cake comes out so they are familiar with the camera and me. Then, the cake comes in and we get smashing! So you’ll get a good mix of images that you can use for announcements, invites or thank you cards as well as for framed prints or you can purchase the retouched digital images.

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Cake smash shoots are suitable for 1 year olds & 2 year olds. If you have twins or even triplets (yikes!) then contact the studio.

Prep for the shoot is very simple: pick a cute outfit and accessories that fits the theme you’d like. Allow time to clean up your little one afterwards, we provide towels and paper but bring your preferred wipes. Accessories and items can be hand-washed at the studio before you leave. Feel free to bring a doggy bag if you want a slice of cake to take home.

Within  Cake Smash Sessions I offer :

  • Short&Sweet Collection –  £199

          the session lasts up 30 minute and as a result you receive 5 beautifully edited photos delivered via on-line gallery in high 

          resolution. Simple setup, client to provide balloons decorations, paper garlands, lanterns, etc (should they want to).

  • Deliciously Sweet Collection – £345

         the session lasts up 30 minute and as a result you receive 10 beautifully edited photos delivered via on-line gallery in high 

          resolution. Simple setup, balloons and basic decorations provided.

  • Smash all over – £445

         the session lasts up to an hour if needed and as a result you receive 20 beautifully edited photos delivered via on-line gallery in     

         high resolution as well as on USB stick with 20 matching 7”x5” prints. Simple setup and decorations provided.

I provide simple setup and props. And with bigger packages, I am happy to let you use one of my outfits for your little one. 

To book a session I require payment of booking fee of £50 that is non- refundable.

Should you like to reserve a session, please pay a session fee, use my on-line shop (LINK BELOW)

Make it messy!

Make it fun!

I also get this question a lot:

Can I Assume the Baby Will Always Dig In?

So, I will try to answer it here. We need to remember the baby is just one year old, and is often shy of exploring a new texture, shape or taste. Especially when surrounded by adults making funny noises and clapping to distract them. My suggestion is that parents practice at home, before the session, with a cupcake, for example. Icing on top, preferably the same colors, and a similar environment i.e. everyone sits on the floor. This isn’t a foolproof solution, but it can give good results. Also, this practice may help uncover any allergies not known to parents earlier.

Now let me know what other questions you have? I am more than happy to extend my guideline for Cake Smash sessions!

And, if you want to start planning your session or secure your session’s date  CLICK HERE TO BOOK

We will then start arranging everything 🙂

Feel free to always contact me – simply use CONTACT FORM or email me directly: lavenderhillphotography@gmail.com

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I have been doing Mini Newborn sessions for at least three years now and they bring a lot of interest.  With that I get asked many questions too.


My offer of WRAP-UP COLLECTIONS are very popular choice for clients visiting my home-studio. They include an option of either focusing on a baby solely, or parents and the baby. They are time and budget friendly too.

So, what are the specifics?

  • They last maximum 45 min
  • If baby is awake, we will use wraps to help baby to settle
  • Photographing the baby whether is awake or asleep
  • Maximizing session to get nice baby portraits. If time allows doing one creative portrait involving a prop set up. (a basket for example)
  • Guidelines provided of what to bring/wear 

Examples of newborn baby poses possible during Mini session.

Here is a selection of some simple poses I do during mini sessions. You have to bare in mind that since we have very limited amount of time, not always babies do sleep. Normally newborn mini sessions would be done with awake little ones. That is why you see here mostly awake newborn photos. Pretty much all of these newborn poses are possible with awake or asleep baby. It all depends how settled babies are.




These are just examples of what can be achieved in most cases. We need to remember that babies are just babies and sometimes they can be unsettled, or cry a lot. It is then your choice whether to continue the session and getting photos of a crying baby or not. In my opinion, images of crying babies are as precious as of those sleeping. The moment is caught – that what is important!

if you are looking to CAPTURE THE MOMENTS YOU LOVE there is no better way than to decide on hiring  A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER.

Newborn sessions are held in my small home studio in Walthamstow and are starting early in the morning. From my experience , I know this is the best time of the day as newborns get more tired and sensitive as the day goes by.

Once you arrive here, I will take over your baby and start the session. It’s quite good and important to do the shooting in early days of baby’s life to achieve those cute curly positions. With that being said, the best time is between 4th and 10th day of baby’s life. Although, you must know and be assured that I NEVER force a baby into ANY position but, again, newborn babies grow quickly and become less sleepy and less flexible with every day and with every day it becomes more difficult to achieve certain positions. I photograph newborn babies until they are 12 weeks old.

To book a session I require non- refundable session fee of £50.

Also, important thing,  I only take 10-12 newborn bookings each month in order to stay flexible for my clients ( babies are rarely born on their due date).

To pay a deposit, please go to my on-line shop and select your due date from a drop-down menu

Mini session PHOTO COLLECTIONS are priced at £350 and include PRINTED PHOTO PRODUCTS.