“A photograph keeps a moment from running away

– Eurora Welty

People think print is dead in today’s day. Print is not dead at all. This is such a special thing…

I mean, digitals are cool too!

But, are you going to sit down and look at your images on your computer all the time? The answer is simple: You really are NOT going to!

So, what you really want is make sure you have something that is going to be there -live forever. Not only for you to enjoy, but also something to pass on to your children and even further down the line – just like the ALBUM (more about albums here). Digitals should not be just on a computer, or a phone, where they just simply die over time.

I am a huge advocate for prints as I believe photographs should be experienced, should be looked at, should be touched, should be hung on walls and enjoyed every day. …to have that emotional feel of the day you are drawn at, every time you look at those photographs.

Old wedding albums, framed family photographs and rusty tins full of loose prints – that is how we remember viewing photographs with our friends and family.Prints tell stories.

Looking at photographs in their physical form allows you to slow down and enjoy the memories associated with them on their own and without the distractions of notifications and adverts popping up while you view them.

With so many digital storage options at your client’s fingertips, it is important to remember one thing – technology comes and goes. Would you have the same nostalgic feeling if all you had to view your parents wedding images on a floppy disk? Would you even be able to use it?

My gorgeous looking client Toni with her mum at ordering day in my home studio.

I really love when my clients invest in prints and wall art. I only use professional photography printing lab that produces high quality products that can be enjoyed for years and generations. You can print photos from your Newborn Photo Session, Maternity Session, Portrait session or even a Branding session during which we create beautiful portraits of you and your family.

Wall products look fantastic in living rooms, bedrooms or even hallways. Albums can be very handy whenever you want to remind yourself about that particular day. All comes in variety of sizes and finishes. Check out my PRINT SHOP and see what suits your needs.

Akpinar and her newly extended family at a newborn photo session, London
Warning: low quality mobile phone video

Digitalab.co.uk says “prints tell stories. Looking at photographs in their physical form allows you to slow down and enjoy the memories associated with them on their own and without the distractions of notifications and adverts popping up while you view them.

With so many digital storage options at your client’s fingertips, it is important to remember one thing – technology comes and goes. Would you have the same nostalgic feeling if all you had to view your parents wedding images on a floppy disk? Would you even be able to use it?

As technology evolves, chances are that the method of storing images, like USB storage keys, are going to go the way of the floppy disc within the next decade. When was the last time you saw a computer with a working floppy disk drive? Will home computers still have USB drives in ten years?”

I hope this post will convince you, my lovely client,s that it is worth investing in prints, albums and wall art products. You photo session experience should not end only on receiving photographs in digital form.


Pricing information for Headshots and Personal Branding Sessions

All pricing information below includes all post-production/finishing of the images.  It is totally up to you which images you would like to purchase, however most people fall in love with them all.

Your private viewing appointment takes place approximately two weeks after your portrait session. This is your opportunity to see and order your favourite images from the session – be prepared to get emotional!

Orders placed at this special viewing appointment must be paid for in full at the viewing. Therefore, make sure to bring along everyone involved in the decision making. Subsequent viewing sessions are £50 per session, and products ordered after your initial viewing session are subject to 10% increase from below prices. 

In addition to the three Photo Collection packages you can consider albums or wall art. Album range in size from 20×20 cm; wall-art includes framed prints, stunning canvases and contemporary acrylics.


Please consider where  you would like to hang your wall art before you come for your viewing. It is a great idea to measure your walls, so products you order will have the right size, and fit your walls beautifully.

Buying or viewing unedited images is not an option. Investing in wall-art is something you will never regret. 

Personal Branding

How it works



An e-mail or phone consult is the first step and gives me the opportunity to get to know you, your business and your branding session goals. Let’s brainstorm ideas and get a solid picture of your needs.



From what to wear and hair/makeup, to scouting locations for your shoot – I am personally involved in all of these [fun] prep tasks. So all you need to worry about is showing up and slaying your session.



Get ready for the most fun and, dare I say, empowering day. All your preparation culminates and you show up feeling amazing – ready to show the world exactly who you are. I’ll handle the rest.



Within 3 weeks of your session date, you will receive your private gallery of hi-res edited photographs ready for download and use all over your website, social platforms and more.


The Impact of Brand Photography

Professional brand photographs are powerful. They help you build your visual identity, convey your mission and build trust with your [potential] customers. 

In the internet age, almost 100% of your prospective clientele will find you or vet you online. Having strong imagery is essential to explaining what your business offers and how your customers can get to it. You might have the most amazing product or service in the world, but if someone lands on your site and your look isn’t polished, cohesive or enticing – they most likely will continue searching. Instead, we want your photographs to emotionally draw them in within seconds. 

If you’re serious about scaling your business, professional brand photography is the way. 

If you’re ready, so am I. Let’s talk about you, your business and your goals.


Just Starting Out
or Established Business Owner?

Let’s find something that’s perfect for you in the package options below.

Starting Out


This 90-minute photography session with Monika will include 10 edited photographs ready for print, website, and social media. Since each business has unique needs, your session can focus on the offerings below that make the most sense for you: 

  • Up to two (2) locations
  • Multiple outfit looks
  • Headshots for up to (4) team members
  • Custom branded stock photos
  • Behind-the-scenes of your workspace

Being Boss


This 2 hour photography session with Monika will include 40 edited photographs ready for print, website, and social media. Perfect for businesses who want to create a lot of content in a short amount of time. Your session can focus on the offerings below that make the most sense for you:

  • Up to four (4) locations
  • Multiple outfit looks
  • Headshots for up to eight (8) team members
  • Custom branded stock photos
  • Behind-the-scenes of your workspace

Quarterly Content


Ideal for businesses who regularly need fresh content ready for print, website, and social media. Includes three (3) 60-min sessions with Monika, scheduled every 3 months. Each business has unique needs, so your session can focus on the offerings below that make the most sense for you: 

  • Updated headshots of team members
  • Custom branded stock photos
  • Behind-the-scenes of your workspace
  • Ongoing project documentation
  • Product photography


Let’s Elevate Your Business With Captivating Photography.

Read more about Head shots and Personal Branding sessions here.

Connect With Me

At Lavender Hill Photography, nothing is more important than your little one’s safety! We will hopefully come out of the lockdown meaning my small studio will finally open its doors to you (yay!)And, I am making every precaution to maintain a sterile environment at my studio so that my littlest clients and their families are protected – which I should mention I was doing long before this new strain of Coronavirus was a concern. I’ve always been extremely conscientious about germs anyways.

I’m very fortunate because my studio is in a separate location from my home so there’s no kids or pets in and out to spread germs around. Clients park directly in front of my door and come inside through my house and then separately to my garden-located studio. I always recommend leaving a car seat cover over baby until we get settled inside the studio anyway so they’re not exposed to the cold breeze or any germs outdoors. I sanitize every surface that can possibly be touched before and after sessions so that germs aren’t spread between clients. I wash all blankets, wraps, etc. that come in contact with your baby prior to every session as an added protection and practice good hand hygiene to a great degree. I use hand sanitizer liberally and frequently throughout the session. Before I ever touch your baby, my hands are sanitized just to be safe.

Additionally, I will never schedule a session if I’m even slightly under the weather. I will reschedule if I’ve been exposed to anything and wait until after the incubation period to ensure I’m in the clear and won’t develop symptoms before I even consider rescheduling our appointment. I take your baby’s health VERY seriously and would never knowingly put anyone at risk. As far as I’m concerned, you can never be too careful! I will keep masks on hand at the studio and am happy to wear one during the session if it makes parents feel more comfortable.

Lastly, my studio has a strict no-sick policy. Clients are required to reschedule if their child or anyone in the family who will be attending the session is under the weather to prevent anyone bringing unnecessary germs into the studio. I am monitoring my temperature daily just to ensure I never run a fever and I’m asking my clients to check theirs as well before coming to the studio.

*Right after we get a green light from the Government and I will be able to open the studio, sessions will be limited to immediate family only. Only the people being photographed (parents, sibling, etc) will be welcomed for newborn sessions for few following weeks. Extended family will be restricted from newborn sessions over at least the next month or so to limit the number of people visiting the studio.

While I might avoid taking the baby to public places frequented by large crowds or stores during this time, a one-time trip to my fairly isolated studio is  safe. Truthfully, baby has a far greater chance of being exposed to germs in the hospital or during check-ups at the pediatrician.


If you’re still concerned, there are some simple steps you can take at home to protect yourself and your loved ones from this new strain, as recommended by the CDC:

  • COVER ANY COUGHS OR SNEEZES.  It’s always best to cover your nose and mouth with a paper tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then immediately discard the tissue in the trash and wash your hands with soap and water. If you’re not in a place where you’re able to actually wash your hands, sanitize with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS! THOROUGHLY AND FREQUENTLY. It is important to wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds frequently throughout the day to avoid spreading germs. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol making sure to cover all surfaces of your hands and rubbing them together until they feel dry.
  • DON’T SHARE PERSONAL ITEMS. It’s best to avoid sharing personal items such as dishes, drinking glasses, cups, utensils, cosmetics, towels, or bedding.
  • SANITIZE HIGH-TOUCH SURFACES DAILY. High touch surfaces include, but are not limited to: counters, tabletops, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, light switches, phones, tablets, keyboards, and remotes. Use a household cleaning spray like Detol to sanitize these surfaces each day. There’s a multitude of alternative or organic cleaners available these days that are great for homes with young children.

I do understand the caution and realize many are concerned at this time; there’s nothing wrong with that. I also recommend listening to the experts and healthcare professionals who know much better that we (definitely than me!). Stay safe everyone, and if you have any questions do contact me .

How are you today? I just wanted to show some of my work today….that part of work that nobody really sees! 😀 

Did you know the photo above is actually a composite made of two separate images ( photo below). In newborn photography this is a common thing to do, and this is due to very important thing:  safety of your newborn baby!

So, when you come here, with your new bundle of joy, the most precious person in your family, be sure that when I pose your little one , they are in really safe hands!

I have taken part in many Newborn Posing & Newborn Safety orientated workshops. Additionally, I photographed almost 400 babies so far (and still counting), so I can easily say that I not only am TRAINED but also very EXPERIENCED Newborn Photographer too.


I also recorded the whole process :

I now wonder if you were AWARE of such thing as compositing photographs? 
Do let me know! 🙂

And, if you are still thinking about BOOKING A NEWBORN PHOTO SHOOT with me, but want to know more  how the session looks like, head to my blog here where you can read more about what you can expect?

To book your session simply message me back to this e-mail or go to my online store and reserve your spot as I only book 10-12 photo sessions each month (to know why head to my blog – link above).

Wishing you all the best today!

With love,


Lavender Hill Photography
Published Photographer in Baby Model Magazine and International Kid Model Magazine

Follow me on Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/lavenderhillphotography.co.uk/

                and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lavenderhillphotographyuk/

The photo shoot isn’t just for your little one. I encourage everyone to get in the shot. Mom, Dad, brother, sister. This moment won’t last and these shots are timeless. More to that, having a beautiful photo product, like album or canvas, or framed print is an amazing final touch as you not only get yourself digital files (that , let’s be honest, will only be saved on your PC or phone and will will never get that photos printed! You will want to, that is for sure! But, as life comes in the way- you will forget about it day by day… 😉 )

After a new year I introduced professionally printed PREMIUM ALBUMS and FRAMED CANVASES in to my offer. They cost £265 for 8″x8″ size, BUT for those clients deciding to get GRANDE PHOTO COLLECTION (20 photographs), they only cost £155!!!! No better deal for such quality and long-lasting product which you can physically touch and show to your family and friends.

Here, this is how the album presents itself  – I also made a short video (it can be found below). I simply love album’s thick pages and the colors totally match the digital files that I deliver to all my lovely clients!

Let me know if you like the product or would like to book a session (I will drop direct link to my on-line booking system down below the video).

Hugs, Monika

Here is a short video ( forgive my white paint – stained – hands 😀  I was repainting studio walls that day hah!) 

Today I am sharing with you few images from my latest maternity photo session. This mum-to-be wanted something bold and decided for semi-nude and nude photo session. I was so pleased to be able to do it for her! I think its amazing when future mums come to my studio and bloom just like flowers in front of my camera. 
I know those images will be treasured forever! And, I can`t wait to meet the little person growing inside this beautiful belly and photograph them both together!

Maternity sessions can take place outdoors (I love shooting outdoor maternity sessions at my favorite location very close to my East London home studio, or in studio), especially at this time of the year!

The best time to book your photo session is after 20th week scan.  And the ideal time to have a session is between 24 and 36 week of your pregnancy. 

To BOOK A SESSION contact me here or click BOOK button below:

Take me to the SHOP

NEWBORN PHOTO SHOOT- what it is and what to expect?

Have you ever wondered how photographers capture photos like these of the tiniest of babies? Keep reading, I will tell you all 🙂 

Capturing babies in their first few weeks of entering this world is incredible. Images document their tiny features and their amazing flexibility, that enabled them to be curled up and grow inside their mother’s womb.  A newborn photo shoot creates a lasting memory to look back on. Photos that document your new baby’s features before they start to develop and change.

Thinking about a newborn photo shoot can be daunting……….which photographer?  When does the shoot take place? What will happen at the session?


Questions that you need answered. 

When to book?

Booking a newborn shoot is recommended soon after your 20 week scan, sooner if you wish.  The reason for this is because I only book a limited number of newborn sessions per month.  This allows me to focus and provide a premium service. Nothing is compromised or rushed because my workload is stretched.  Having a limited number of sessions per month allows the flexibility of moving sessions, should a baby arrive early or late. The upmost care is dedicated to you and your new born baby.

Of course, being pregnant is a big deal, you have so much going on around in your head, I know, I have been there!  The idea of having precious images of your newborn is exciting, but looking into and booking a newborn photographer won’t be on the top of your list.   I will always do my best to fit a customer in should they contact me after their baby has arrived.

When does the photo shoot happen?

Newborn photography sessions ideally take place within the first two weeks of birth.  It is possible to get those curled up sleepy images up to 21 days old, but it does depend on the baby. 
However gorgeous images will still be captured.  By booking your session in before your baby arrives enable us to provisionally book in a date within 14 days of your due date. This means that you are booked into my diary and my time has been allocated to you.  

I will send you an e-mail before your baby arrives. I will advise how to prepare for the session and all the important information you need.  Once your baby has come into the world you contact me and we confirm or rearrange the photo shoot.

Parents / Family  photos

I am a big fan of parents photos. As a matter of fact, I spend half of the time taking family photos! I believe this is one time when you can actually have professional portraits taken with your baby being so tiny it fits in your hand. Just look at the examples above!

newborn-photographer- london, newborn-photo-session- london, newborn-photographer-east-london, newborn-photographer-north-london, newborn-photo-session, baby-photography, newborns, lifestyle-photo-session, white, blue, family-photography, family-portrait-london, organic, lavender-hill-photography, studio-photography-session, north-london, east-london

Beanbag posing and Prop photos

 Sometimes a baby is sound asleep so we begin with the first pose. Should a baby be alert and decided sleeping isn’t for them at that time then I adapt my routine and wrap them.  Images of a wrapped baby when they are awake are adorable. You get their beautiful big eyes without their flying around arms. Wrapping is a great way to relax an unsettled baby and they often drift off to sleep. Once the beanbag poses are finished we move on to the props.  Your baby will be snug and safe and look adorable. 

To book your session simply message me through the CONTACT form or to lavenderhillphotography@gmail.com .  You can also go to my online store and 


I only book 10-12 newborn photo sessions each month, therefore I always advise on having your booking done early. Once your booking is finalized your due date is in my calendar and once the baby is born you photo shoot’s date is prioritized.

What better way to celebrate your baby’s birthday than smashing a big cake!

Your child turning ONE?! The first birthday is one of the biggest milestones. Celebrating it with a cake smash photography session is the perfect sentiment. Let a photographer, at Lavender Hill Photography, capture those adorable moments as your child has fun with his/her personalized first birthday session. We will put together the best 1st birthday memories &  cake smash photos you’ll cherish forever! Schedule your  cake smash photography session! 

Your Cake Smash is tailored to your baby’s favorite things so you can have it decorated to match their bedroom and everything they love. Or, you can keep it very simple and organic like in the photo above)

We have lots of fun during these sessions. A few images of your little one will be taken before the cake comes out so they are familiar with the camera and me. Then, the cake comes in and we get smashing! So you’ll get a good mix of images that you can use for announcements, invites or thank you cards as well as for framed prints or you can purchase the retouched digital images.

cake smash,Childrens Session, family photo session,one year old, milestone, baby boy, blue, simple, organic, studio photography session, Lavender Hill Photography, london, north east london, blue setup, portrait photography

Cake smash shoots are suitable for 1 year olds & 2 year olds. If you have twins or even triplets (yikes!) then contact the studio.

Prep for the shoot is very simple: pick a cute outfit and accessories that fits the theme you’d like. Allow time to clean up your little one afterwards, we provide towels and paper but bring your preferred wipes. Accessories and items can be hand-washed at the studio before you leave. Feel free to bring a doggy bag if you want a slice of cake to take home.

Within  Cake Smash Sessions I offer :

  • Short&Sweet Collection –  £199

          the session lasts up 30 minute and as a result you receive 5 beautifully edited photos delivered via on-line gallery in high 

          resolution. Simple setup, client to provide balloons decorations, paper garlands, lanterns, etc (should they want to).

  • Deliciously Sweet Collection – £345

         the session lasts up 30 minute and as a result you receive 10 beautifully edited photos delivered via on-line gallery in high 

          resolution. Simple setup, balloons and basic decorations provided.

  • Smash all over – £445

         the session lasts up to an hour if needed and as a result you receive 20 beautifully edited photos delivered via on-line gallery in     

         high resolution as well as on USB stick with 20 matching 7”x5” prints. Simple setup and decorations provided.

I provide simple setup and props. And with bigger packages, I am happy to let you use one of my outfits for your little one. 

To book a session I require payment of booking fee of £50 that is non- refundable.

Should you like to reserve a session, please pay a session fee, use my on-line shop (LINK BELOW)

Make it messy!

Make it fun!

I also get this question a lot:

Can I Assume the Baby Will Always Dig In?

So, I will try to answer it here. We need to remember the baby is just one year old, and is often shy of exploring a new texture, shape or taste. Especially when surrounded by adults making funny noises and clapping to distract them. My suggestion is that parents practice at home, before the session, with a cupcake, for example. Icing on top, preferably the same colors, and a similar environment i.e. everyone sits on the floor. This isn’t a foolproof solution, but it can give good results. Also, this practice may help uncover any allergies not known to parents earlier.

Now let me know what other questions you have? I am more than happy to extend my guideline for Cake Smash sessions!

And, if you want to start planning your session or secure your session’s date  CLICK HERE TO BOOK

We will then start arranging everything 🙂

Feel free to always contact me – simply use CONTACT FORM or email me directly: lavenderhillphotography@gmail.com

cake smash,Childrens Session, family photo session,one year old, milestone, baby girl, pink, simple, organic, studio photography session, Lavender Hill Photography, london, north east london, pink setup, portrait photography